My newest obsession ~ Arm Candy !

18 Jul

Hey all,

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer as I am ( and also being very busy like I am 😉 ) ..

Anyways, just wanted to update you all a little bit about my newest, fanciest obsession – my arm candy aka bracelets ! 🙂

There was a phase in my life, like few years back, when I used to go crazy with bracelets .. and later I completely stopped putting them on – I donno why lol 🙂

And now, I am back with interest into bracelets with all the pretty coral, stone ones I see everywhere these days ! Though I wouldn’t call myself crazy-about-arm-candy, I can say I have started shopping (a lot) for them and started to try to wear something with every fancy outfit I wear 😉

I am especially in love with mix and match trend that’s been popping around lately …

.. and stacking them up ..

Also in love with the Cuff bracelets ..

And last but not the least, I adore these beaded and stoned variety of bracelets ( I bought a few of these ! ) .. I love how they can be worn for a casual dinner / party as well as to a formal event / work 🙂

Pretty, pretty .. sigh ! What’s your obsession lately? 🙂

[ Image Sources :,,,, ]

Until next time,

Love Life


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