Review: LUSH – I love Juicy Shampoo

7 Apr

Hii everyone!!!

Just realised it’s been a while I’ve posted a review post and thought what a perfect timing as I’ve been using this new shampoo since about a month now and wanting to post my opinion on it!

Soo, I have always heard about people raving about LUSH and it’s products and been eyeing this store ever since I saw it, but never checked it out until about a month ago. Loved my entire experience at the store!!!

After a little chat with the girl who works there, I’ve decided this might be the shampoo for me and yes, it indeed is a refreshing new addition to my hair care stuff!!!

It’s the “I love juicy” shampoo and here’s my review on it:

photo 1

  • PRODUCT : LUSH – I love juicy Shampoo
  • PRICE : $9.95 – 3.3 fl oz

photo 3

> Lovely, delicious, fruity and fresh smell
> Supposedly good for oily hair / oily scalp
> Does a really good job in not making your scalp oily or greasy
> Hair feels clean and fresh even for 2-3 days
> Contains natural ingredients and to me, that’s always a plus!
> Hand made product
> About a quarter sized dollop works good for my thick hair
> Can be a little over-drying, specially to the ends, if used everyday (which I don’t).
> A little expensive ($29.95 for about 17 fl oz)
So far, been in love with the product and I haven’t really seen many cons with it. Although I have given it a month, I shall update in case I my opinion changes.

[ Little Note : I have purchased above product with my own money and mentioned above is my honest unbiased opinion and I do not recommend or force any product. Also, please use discretion with your hair type ]

Until next time,

Love Life



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