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Hair Care Basics

12 Mar

Hello everyone !!!

Let’s get back to basics … and this time, about Hair ! …

Now, before I start talking about it, I must admit … I love my hair ~ all thanks to genetics and my mom 🙂 … I must add I also love anything that has to do with hair – hair care, hair styles, hair cuts, hair coloring … you name it !

Having said that, I do not say my hair is perfect, I have my own bad hair days and it takes a lot of effort for making it be the way it is ! … Over a period of time, I have known few tips and tricks and of course, still learning a lot more ^_^ … Today I wanted to share few of the most basic essentials for a healthy, happy hair !

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Skin Care Basics

6 Dec

Helloo All !! 🙂

So today i was thinking on what should my first post be about – A recipe / a tutorial or anything else …

Then i suddenly felt .. let me start with the basics first ! …

I am sure most of you might be knowing about what i am going to say now, but i thought i should make it a point to brief up about our daily skin care routine, explaining in general terms as its always good to know about your skin right ! ( also i don’t wanna make it sound boring !! ) …

I myself sometimes feel lazy to do exactly what is supposed to be done to my skin, though i have been told like 100 times all my life earlier 😛

Long ago, i remember when i was a teenager, i had badly troubled skin. I remember visiting dermatologists every now and then and all of them told me a lot of stuff to do. But three terms they said never went out of my mind : ‘Cleansing’, ‘Toning’ and ‘Moisturizing’ !

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