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Hello Spring ~ My Nail Care Routine

30 Mar

Helloo everyone and welcome back to HappieBelle!

Happy Spring to all you!!

Spring – signifies happiness to me 🙂 .. out of the chilly, gunky weather, and ready to spring forward into bright, sunny, longer days, going out in the evening for long walks, pretty dresses, hats, sunglasses and sandals!

(I know, I am girly girl at heart and things in life ultimately revolve around being so!)

So, it’s time for sandals!! And that would be where I am going to go next into ~ Getting your nails (hands and feet) ready for pretty, springy nail colors!

I am in no way a beauty guru or something. I am just a normal, simple person with enthusiasm towards anything pretty and I love myself some gorgeous nail colors. So today, I wanted to share with you all my nail care routine. It ain’t nothing fancy, but I hope it inspires some of you to ‘prettify’ your nails.


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Chocolate face mask !!!

19 Dec

Heyy girls,

OK .. This is probably one of the face masks that can kind of be eaten as well 😛 .. ok ok please don’t get grossed out .. the only reason I’ve said that is, because it’s made of Chocolate !!! 😀

I’ve totally got this mask idea/recipe from a youtuber  bubz and she is amazing !


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Glowing skin mask !

28 Aug

Helloo all the ladies out there !

Today’s recipe is a facial mask, widely used all over India for the bride before weddings for that extra special glow 😉

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At-Home Pedicure

26 Jun

Heyy everybody !!

As we all know, it’s summer and this is the best time for all of us ladies to ditch those winter boots and bring out our best summer sandals, wedges and flip flops .. So I have decided I would post an easy at home do-it-yourself pedicure.

So, girls .. get ready to flaunt those beautiful toes !

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Lip Scrub – Sugar / Olive oil

20 Jan

Heyyy girlies !!!

Today I am going to post a little beauty tutorial which is very simple yet effective !

How many of you love quality products but want to try for an alternative to do it yourself at home?

I am definitely one of them 🙂 …

It is very important to take care of your lips during the winter time and what better way than making yourself a lip scrub with all natural ingredients found right at home !

So here I am sharing a veryy simple way to moisturize dry / chapped / flaky lips. This simple scrub leaves your lips ridiculously smooth and moisturized !!

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