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DIY : iPhone Case

6 Nov

The other day I got a little idea of making my own iPhone cases as I have always been obsessed about accessories and thought why not for my poor iPhone ! 🙂

So I went ahead to the craft store and got few supplies to decorate 2 of the plain cases I already had. I got these two cases for very cheap, so thought would experiment on those as I wouldn’t really mind if it doesn’t turn out to be good !!

This is the result of my first little experiment and if you wanna know how, please continue reading 🙂 ..

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Simple Flower Pattern Nails

5 Jun

Hello everybody !!!

Ok, so I bought couple of summer colored nail polishes the other day and thought I will experiment with little patterns on nails .. I did this yesterday, without the use of any fancy nail tools and this is the result, if you like what you see, please continue reading !

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Spring / Summer Sparkly Nails

24 Apr

Hi everyone !

It’s bright and shiny outside these days and I have decided to go with the same theme on my nails 🙂

This is what I ended up with, and please continue reading if you like what you see !

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New Year Glam Nails !

30 Dec

A biggg heyyy to everyone !!!

I am soo excited and thoughtful at the same time ~ That’s how I am usually during this time of the year ~ Almossttt end of the year and the beginning of a brand NEW YEAR !!!

Excited – because I can’t wait and totally looking forward to the new events / opportunities / ventures / joyful moments and many more the new year is going to bring in [high hopes ! *sigh*] !!!

Thoughtful – because I tend to think back at how I have spent the past year / my achievements / depressive moments / incidents from which I learnt something / how much have I grown as a person and stuff like that !

Well, whatever that might be, I always like to be cheerful and get glammed up 😉 and now I cannot wait any more to show you all my little ‘New Year Glam Nails’ tutorial !!! Yayy for Glitter for the new year’s eve !!!

Alright, a little close up at the look – and I believe it’s really simple for doing it yourself !!!

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