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Black bean and Corn dip

23 Feb

Heyy all !!!

I am soo excited today to present you with a very, very easy and delicious recipe of a light evening meal or a perfect snack – a mexican inspired dip recipe (again!) .. you can easily say I love mexican 🙂 .. especially dips and chips!!

I came across the idea of this recipe online when I was searching for dips when I had bell peppers, corn and black beans at home (and was not in the mood to make something exhausting). An awesome replacement for the spices was from the ladies at ‘showmethecurry’ who used taco seasoning .. so I stole that idea from them 😉

Now let’s get into how it turns out to be, so you can decide for yourself if you want to go ahead check out the recipe 🙂


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Yummy Guacamole !

15 May

Hola !!

Today’s recipe is going to be one of ‘the most’ famous dips of Mexican Cuisine – Guacamole / Avocado Dip.

I first tasted this dip few years back when my husband and I went to one of the Mexican restaurants, and we tried it back home and I got hooked on to this from then… This is one of those dishes I fell in love immediately, though it s a new cuisine and it was my first time !

The best part about Guacamole is that this is one of those tasty-yet-healthy-and-ohh-sooo-easy-to-make stuff !!! What a win-win ! 😀

Let’s get starteddd !

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