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Review: LUSH – I love Juicy Shampoo

7 Apr

Hii everyone!!!

Just realised it’s been a while I’ve posted a review post and thought what a perfect timing as I’ve been using this new shampoo since about a month now and wanting to post my opinion on it!

Soo, I have always heard about people raving about LUSH and it’s products and been eyeing this store ever since I saw it, but never checked it out until about a month ago. Loved my entire experience at the store!!!

After a little chat with the girl who works there, I’ve decided this might be the shampoo for me and yes, it indeed is a refreshing new addition to my hair care stuff!!!

It’s the “I love juicy” shampoo and here’s my review on it:

photo 1

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At-Home Pedicure

26 Jun

Heyy everybody !!

As we all know, it’s summer and this is the best time for all of us ladies to ditch those winter boots and bring out our best summer sandals, wedges and flip flops .. So I have decided I would post an easy at home do-it-yourself pedicure.

So, girls .. get ready to flaunt those beautiful toes !

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Simple Flower Pattern Nails

5 Jun

Hello everybody !!!

Ok, so I bought couple of summer colored nail polishes the other day and thought I will experiment with little patterns on nails .. I did this yesterday, without the use of any fancy nail tools and this is the result, if you like what you see, please continue reading !

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Spring / Summer Sparkly Nails

24 Apr

Hi everyone !

It’s bright and shiny outside these days and I have decided to go with the same theme on my nails 🙂

This is what I ended up with, and please continue reading if you like what you see !

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Review : Aveeno Sunblock – Face (SPF 30)

9 Apr

Hey All !!

I am back with my ‘Reviews’ and I would like to update more of these in the future ! 🙂

Now that’s its getting hot outside, I believe one of the most important things that reminds everyone of Summer is Sunscreen !

Today’s review is a Sunscreen I recently discovered and have been using almost everyday since about a month.

I like Aveeno products and thought I should give this a try. Here’s what I feel about the product:

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Skin Care Basics

6 Dec

Helloo All !! 🙂

So today i was thinking on what should my first post be about – A recipe / a tutorial or anything else …

Then i suddenly felt .. let me start with the basics first ! …

I am sure most of you might be knowing about what i am going to say now, but i thought i should make it a point to brief up about our daily skin care routine, explaining in general terms as its always good to know about your skin right ! ( also i don’t wanna make it sound boring !! ) …

I myself sometimes feel lazy to do exactly what is supposed to be done to my skin, though i have been told like 100 times all my life earlier 😛

Long ago, i remember when i was a teenager, i had badly troubled skin. I remember visiting dermatologists every now and then and all of them told me a lot of stuff to do. But three terms they said never went out of my mind : ‘Cleansing’, ‘Toning’ and ‘Moisturizing’ !

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