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DIY : iPhone Case

6 Nov

The other day I got a little idea of making my own iPhone cases as I have always been obsessed about accessories and thought why not for my poor iPhone ! 🙂

So I went ahead to the craft store and got few supplies to decorate 2 of the plain cases I already had. I got these two cases for very cheap, so thought would experiment on those as I wouldn’t really mind if it doesn’t turn out to be good !!

This is the result of my first little experiment and if you wanna know how, please continue reading 🙂 ..

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At-Home Pedicure

26 Jun

Heyy everybody !!

As we all know, it’s summer and this is the best time for all of us ladies to ditch those winter boots and bring out our best summer sandals, wedges and flip flops .. So I have decided I would post an easy at home do-it-yourself pedicure.

So, girls .. get ready to flaunt those beautiful toes !

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