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Mango Custard – Quick and Easy!

31 Mar

A very big hello to everyone!!! Thank you all for your patience, and to those of you who are still viewing and commenting on my recipes.. It means a lot to me and I am back! After exactly 1 year!!! 🙂

Things have been going good and blissful.. and I promise and hope I am going to keep up with my passion – HappieBelle.

Since it is spring and the beginning of yummy Mango season, I thought I’d start off with something very delicious that involves mangoes, and something that is super duper easy to make. One can make it in less than 10 minutes.

The other day when I went to a lunch buffet along with my family, I was so in love with the dessert which was Mango Custard. I did some research on how to make it a super easy way and here its the one I experimented and loved:


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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries ~ Valentines Special !

11 Feb

Hellooo ‘love’ly people out there !! 😉

This time of the year, everything seems so lovely, if you know what I mean !!!

Pink-red hearts everywhere and that little anxiety floating around for that perfect moment on the perfect day of the year !

If you are like me, and want to celebrate and do little surprising things for your valentine on every little occasion you get, today’s my post might give you a little hint / idea to do something as simple as this, yet as special for this Valentines Day … 🙂


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