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Mango Custard – Quick and Easy!

31 Mar

A very big hello to everyone!!! Thank you all for your patience, and to those of you who are still viewing and commenting on my recipes.. It means a lot to me and I am back! After exactly 1 year!!! 🙂

Things have been going good and blissful.. and I promise and hope I am going to keep up with my passion – HappieBelle.

Since it is spring and the beginning of yummy Mango season, I thought I’d start off with something very delicious that involves mangoes, and something that is super duper easy to make. One can make it in less than 10 minutes.

The other day when I went to a lunch buffet along with my family, I was so in love with the dessert which was Mango Custard. I did some research on how to make it a super easy way and here its the one I experimented and loved:


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Skin Care Basics

6 Dec

Helloo All !! 🙂

So today i was thinking on what should my first post be about – A recipe / a tutorial or anything else …

Then i suddenly felt .. let me start with the basics first ! …

I am sure most of you might be knowing about what i am going to say now, but i thought i should make it a point to brief up about our daily skin care routine, explaining in general terms as its always good to know about your skin right ! ( also i don’t wanna make it sound boring !! ) …

I myself sometimes feel lazy to do exactly what is supposed to be done to my skin, though i have been told like 100 times all my life earlier 😛

Long ago, i remember when i was a teenager, i had badly troubled skin. I remember visiting dermatologists every now and then and all of them told me a lot of stuff to do. But three terms they said never went out of my mind : ‘Cleansing’, ‘Toning’ and ‘Moisturizing’ !

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A little preview

5 Dec

Heyy All !!! … Welcome to HappieBelle !!!

Here i go … My first post 🙂

Well, firstly a big thank you to all of those reading this and trying to support me.

So most of you might be wondering what is “HappieBelle” after all ~ It is just an amalgamation of an average/simple woman’s every day life described through words and pictures.

My blog primarily has 4 sections – I try to explain my learning, tips and experiments in kitchen through ‘Food’ ; my quest for being and making people feel beautiful inside out (also DIY tutorials, nails, hair care and skin care) through ‘Beauty’ ; my little and long lasting love for style and designing and everything about fashion culture  through ‘Fashion’ and last but not the least my everyday life’s experiences, thoughts through ‘ItsMyLife’ .


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