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Mint rice

18 Mar

Hey friends!

How is it going?

Have you ever wondered what to make when all you had was a bunch of mint at home?! .. Well, you can make a full meal with fresh mint and some basic indian cooking ingredients .. Mint rice, Mint Pulao, Green rice however you wanna call it, you gotta taste it to believe it 😉

I make this all the time and it’s perfect for lunch boxes or for dinner..

And I must mention, the pictures do not do good justice to the taste. One has to taste it to enjoy the deliciousness, trust me! 🙂


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Coconut Rice

2 Feb

Heyy everyone !!!

Hope everyone’s new year is going great ~ Can’t believe its been 1 month already … Can’t yet forget the December 31st Fireworks ! 🙂

Today I am going to post a very simple and quick recipe from Southern India ! ~ Coconut Rice !

This can be taken as a main dish by itself, or with a side of Tomato Chutney or any other chutney or pickle

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