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Hello Spring ~ My Nail Care Routine

30 Mar

Helloo everyone and welcome back to HappieBelle!

Happy Spring to all you!!

Spring – signifies happiness to me 🙂 .. out of the chilly, gunky weather, and ready to spring forward into bright, sunny, longer days, going out in the evening for long walks, pretty dresses, hats, sunglasses and sandals!

(I know, I am girly girl at heart and things in life ultimately revolve around being so!)

So, it’s time for sandals!! And that would be where I am going to go next into ~ Getting your nails (hands and feet) ready for pretty, springy nail colors!

I am in no way a beauty guru or something. I am just a normal, simple person with enthusiasm towards anything pretty and I love myself some gorgeous nail colors. So today, I wanted to share with you all my nail care routine. It ain’t nothing fancy, but I hope it inspires some of you to ‘prettify’ your nails.


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Spring / Summer Sparkly Nails

24 Apr

Hi everyone !

It’s bright and shiny outside these days and I have decided to go with the same theme on my nails 🙂

This is what I ended up with, and please continue reading if you like what you see !

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New Year Glam Nails !

30 Dec

A biggg heyyy to everyone !!!

I am soo excited and thoughtful at the same time ~ That’s how I am usually during this time of the year ~ Almossttt end of the year and the beginning of a brand NEW YEAR !!!

Excited – because I can’t wait and totally looking forward to the new events / opportunities / ventures / joyful moments and many more the new year is going to bring in [high hopes ! *sigh*] !!!

Thoughtful – because I tend to think back at how I have spent the past year / my achievements / depressive moments / incidents from which I learnt something / how much have I grown as a person and stuff like that !

Well, whatever that might be, I always like to be cheerful and get glammed up 😉 and now I cannot wait any more to show you all my little ‘New Year Glam Nails’ tutorial !!! Yayy for Glitter for the new year’s eve !!!

Alright, a little close up at the look – and I believe it’s really simple for doing it yourself !!!

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