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Real or Fake?!

10 Feb

Helloo all,

How’s the new year been treating you all so far? Can’t believe we are already a month and a half into it .. time truly flies by!

On a recent fantastic trip to Las Vegas, I could capture some wonderful architecture and landscapes ..


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“Your Life Is a Reflection of Your Thoughts!”

19 Oct

Helloo everyone !!!

Hope your day / evening is going great !

Recently, my husband and I stayed in this amazing beach house for my birthday (wonderful gift from the hubby) .. and it had the most beautiful beach view I have seen in my life ever ! 🙂

If the sunset looked like this, I am sure you all would agree with me as well !!!

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“Be the peace you seek” !

11 Sep

Heyyy all !

So, the other day my husband and I went a little sight-seeing at our place and on our way back home, we came across this beautiful sky .. Of course we had to pull over and take pictures 🙂


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Baby you’re a firework !

4 Jul

Up above the world so High !

1 Jun

Poles Apart, yet Together !

21 Feb

Throw me not !

6 Jan

A Peek at the Peaks

28 Dec

Okie guys !!

I hope everyone is enjoying the best time of the year ~ Happy Holidaysss !!! 🙂

Here’s a little intro to my long-love ~ ‘Photography’

By saying that i don’t mean some serious jaw dropping stuff … but to me, it means expressing thoughts through pictures !

So I have decided, I would put up a category ‘Picture of the day’ and upload pictures taken by me and my thoughts about it !!! … And yes, thank you all for supporting me and keep posting your views / suggestions , and also spread the love !!

Here goes my picture of the day !!

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